I was born with visual impairment and raised in the Waikato by my mum.

  • Advocacy
  • Disability Rights
  • Employment
  • Facilitation
  • Job search
  • Parent

I have no siblings, and attended public school from kindergarten through to College year 13. I left school and worked for WDHB in HR for two years, continuing in admin roles in various sectors. I have worked for and have interests in – Achilles NZ, Parent Advocate, WINZ, Guide Dogs, DHB in HR, Blind Foundation and Fundraising.

Blindness has never been my disability. People’s ignorance, discrimination and prejudice towards me has been the biggest barrier.  I’m a blind Māori female, raised by a solo parent in a small town.  It’s hard to be treated as an equal when the world refuses to see you. I embrace challenges and opportunities with great zeal and tenacity.

My best life is my real life I live day-by-day.