Disabled people supporting disabled people

Peer Supporters is a volunteer programme that connects disabled people.

Peer supporters are disabled people who can

  • Be the person of your choice and accessible from all over New Zealand, not only people from your specific area
  • Offer a supportive connection based on experience
  • Support other disabled people and have received some training to do this
  • Understand the challenges and unique joy of being a disabled person
  • Share experiences and discuss various solutions

Here is a video interview where our former Business Manager, Peter Wilson, outlined My Life My Voice and its Peer Supporters programme on a live stream with Manawanui.

How to find a peer supporter

You can identify a peer supporter that best matches the person you would like to connect with by searching the peer supporters profiles by

  • Searching through all the profiles
  • Typing in keywords in the search box, or
  • Selecting the 'tags' that are of interest to you

Once you have identified the peer supporter you would like to connect with, click on the profile for more information on the peer supporter and if you would like them to make contact with you, complete and send the contact form.

  • The contact form will be sent to My Life My Voice
  • We will check with the selected peer supporter that they are available
  • If they are available, we will provide them with your details, so they can contact you
  • If more information from you is required before a match can be made, we will come back to you
  • If the selected peer supporter is not available, we will contact you to see if you would like to identify another peer supporter

Our Peer Supporters

Guidelines and Responsibilities

The peer supporters programme is not a formal support service. Once a connection has been made with a peer supporter, your conversations with them are private and confidential.

How you and the peer supporter decide to interact is a choice between the both of you. This may include face to face, phone calls or video calls such as Zoom. Both parties have the right to end the connection at any time.

Peer supporters are part of the My Life My Voice Support Network. This network includes monthly meetings where ongoing training is offered, and supervisory support is offered by senior members.

For any clarification please contact us.