Profile image of Jenni's spaniel, Rumour, with a stuffed toy.


I'm a grandmother of four and mother of two boys. My youngest son and one of my grandchildren has ASD. I am generally a cheerful person. I love animals and am in the process of getting a new kitten and guide dog. I am currently learning Te Reo and love gardening, walking, and being in the outdoors.

LocationPalmerston North
  • Blind
  • Blind Low Vision NZ
  • Cardiac and Joints Involvement
  • Disability Sector
  • Enabling Good Lives
  • Exotic/Rare Condition
  • Parent

Previous to my diagnosis, I was working as a swim instructor. My greatest love was aiding adults and children with ADHD and ASD learn how to swim, and enter the world of competitive swimming. I was also a manger of a large clothing company, and have run my own company.

These roles were what gave me the tools to work in the disability sector and join Enabling Good Lives, where I facilitate workshops and do whatever else needs to be done.